The Future of Healthcare in America

Going back into time, the healthcare cost in the early 60’s was about 5% of the GDP compared to today; where the cost has risen to 17% and continues to rise. In such a day and age, it is important to gauge what the future holds for healthcare in America and if it would be able to meet people’s needs.

The Ever Changing Healthcare

The way healthcare is measured, provided and covered in America is rapidly changing and will continue to do so, as the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare comes into its full effect. The act was passed to address the problem of the ever increasing healthcare costs within the U.S.

The Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare has its shortcomings but it invests in creating a plan to quell healthcare costs and improve its quality.

The outcome of the 2012 General Elections was not just a victory for the democrats but also for healthcare coverage in America. The reelection of Barack Obama gave assurance that ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act will continue to exist, and the reforms it contains, will be implemented.

What the future holds for ObamaCare/ACA

The ACA/ObamaCare focuses on covering health and medical costs through healthcare exchanges and Medicaid. With the help of exchanges, individuals and small businesses are able to compare and eventually, buy a healthcare plan. The ACA/ObamaCare provides coverage under Medicaid to individuals at up to 138% of the poverty line.

The ACA/ObamaCare under Medicare provides free preventive care and is helping to close the coverage gap on Medicare part D. The gap is expected to be ultimately covered by 2020, helping Medicare beneficiaries save up to $5000. The Part A hospital insurance fund period is also expanded by eight years from 2016 to 2024 with the help of ACA/ObamaCare.

As more and more people get enrolled in the ACA/ObamaCare; more space will be required in the future to accommodate all those seeking healthcare treatments. This will eventually see healthcare moving into mobile venues; and convenient healthcare points will be made available to the members. As every state implements insurance exchange in its own manner under ACA/ObamaCare; the members’ experience is likely to vary from state to state.

With the number of people enrolled in ObamaCare increasing each year, there may come a time when the number of individuals seeking healthcare treatment outnumber the number of physicians available to provide medical aid. Thus, it is important that measures are taken to avoid such a situation from occurring in the future.

Whatever the pros and cons of the ObamaCare/ACA may be; a few things are certain; ObamaCare has expanded coverage to the uninsured, guaranteed coverage to those with existing plans, lowered the country’s healthcare costs while also improving an individual’s healthcare coverage.

Most Americans trust and make the most of the Affordable Care Act/ACA, as it provides them assurance that their healthcare needs will definitely be met at all times.

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