Some Facts about Healthcare Insurance

Health care coverage under the affordable care act has benefited millions of Americans by providing them with affordable, quality coverage. Some of the people under the coverage have even gotten insurance for the first time. It is important to consider some facts about health care coverage under ObamaCare before you enroll.

Your State does not matter

Regardless of which state you are a resident of, you can get health care coverage in the open enrollment under the affordable care act. While the open enrollment in some states is run by the state itself, others have the federal government running it for them. Whatever the case may be your eligibility is not subject to the state you live in.

Health insurance is run by private insurance companies

All the plans offered in open enrollment under the affordable care act/ObamaCare are run by private insurance companies.

All health Plans offer the same set of essential benefits

Some essential health benefits are covered by all health insurance plans offered under the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare. These benefits include ambulatory services, emergency services, surgery, maternity services, prescription drugs, pediatric services etc.

Compare your Out of pocket Costs before taking a decision to enroll

It is important that you compare your out of pocket costs under each plan available in open enrollment prior to enrolling. Out of pockets costs are costs that you pay in addition to the premiums so it is important to know how much you would be paying out of pocket under each plan.

Each plan requires you to pay a different out of pocket amount on your health care. Under the gold and platinum plans you would be paying a lower out of pocket cost while you would be bearing a heavy out of pocket cost under the bronze, gold and silver plans.

Pre existing Conditions do not result in ineligibility

A popular myth is that pre existing conditions like cancer or diabetes make you ineligible for healthcare coverage under Obamacare but this is not true.

Special enrollment period and savings for reporting changes in life

Reporting life changes under the health care coverage under ObamaCare is important as it may make you eligible for a special enrollment period for health care coverage or make you eligible for savings. Reporting these changes as soon as possible is an important thing to do. Losing a household member or an increase in income will make you eligible for fewer saving than you are getting now. When you file your federal tax returns you may end up having to pay the difference if you don’t report these changes.

On the other hand an addition to the household size or a decrease in income could make you eligible for further savings, a reduction in monthly premiums is possible and also qualification for coverage under Medicaid or CHIP.

Getting dental coverage under the plans

Some health care coverage plans offer dental coverage. When you compare plans offered in the open enrollment under ObamaCare make sure you find out which plans include dental coverage.

They are lot of other facts, you need to consider before enrolling for health care coverage under the affordable care act/ObamaCare but the above mentioned things are the most important to take into consideration.

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