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Over the last year or two, much has been said in the news about health insurance. And while government changes are on the way, they’ll still involve you finding and buying health insurance. It’s a good thing to have, since it can protect you from unforeseen medical bills, lower the cost of visiting a pharmacy or doctor, and more. There are a few….
different types of North Carolina health insurance and numerous different fees, premiums, benefits, and restrictions with each one. It’s a good idea to understand the basic kinds of health insurance you can buy so that you aren’t overwhelmed by them when you meet with your insurance agent.

Comprehensive insurance is the form of North Carolina health insurance that most people are familiar with. Essentially, you pay a monthly premium amount to your insurance company. When you visit your physician, a specialist, or receive hospital care, you’ll likely pay a co-pay amount. This amount varies from plan to plan. The insurance company will pay the rest of the bill. Your plan may even include a prescription co-pay, where you pay a set amount for prescriptions while the insurance company picks up the rest. These plans are among the most popular available, since a visit to your doctor is much more affordable.

In some cases you may buy North Carolina health insurance that lacks a co-pay policy altogether. In these plans once you reach certain amount of premiums or pay a set amount of medical bills, the insurance company will take over and pay for the remainder of your medical bills for that year. For example, once you’ve paid doctors and hospitals three thousand dollars in a year all of your following medical coverage for the year will be paid for by the insurance company. Scheduled health insurance is a kind of supplement to regular health insurance that will help pay for basic day to day health care needs.

When you begin to buy your insurance, you’ll likely be presented with a number of plans to choose from. Be sure that you look through them and select the one that works best for you. A low monthly premium can save you money each month but offer a high deductible, for example. Be sure that the plan you’re buying is accepted at your local doctor’s offices and hospitals, as well, otherwise you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. Once you understand what your needs are, buying North Carolina health insurance is a much easier process.

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