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When people talk about insurance, they mention a lot of different types. Health, life, homeowners, and auto insurance are regularly brought up. But one type of insurance that some people fail to consider until faced with a major bill is dental insurance. NC dental insurance functions much the same way that health insurance does, only….
applied to your teeth. Anyone who’s faced a serious dental procedure can attest to the costs you can incur, and dental insurance can help to lower these costs considerably. There are a few things to look at when you begin shopping for your insurance policy.

First, you’ll need to find out what the NC dental insurance plan that you’re looking at covers. Most plans break down dental services into three basic categories. The first is preventative care, and nearly any insurance policy will cover these procedures. Preventative procedures involve regular cleanings, exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and sealants. Exactly what is covered by your plan may vary, but in most cases you’ll pay a modest co-pay when you visit the dentist for these types of procedures. In some cases certain plans might even wave the co-pay and offer free preventative procedures to help ward off the more expensive types of procedures.

Basic dental care, also known as restorative care, is the next level of coverage you’ll want to review. These involve procedures like root canals, fillings, and tooth extractions. These can be expensive and having good NC dental insurance can really pay for itself if you find yourself facing the need for restorative dental care. And finally, major dental procedures include such things as crowns, dentures, implants, and oral surgery such as for wisdom tooth extraction. These are very expensive procedures, and having insurance that covers the cost can help you avoid a serious financial burden if you unexpectedly need to have them done.

Each NC dental insurance plan is different, and some will only cover certain procedures. You’ll need to look carefully at what each plan offers you so that you can ensure you get what you need. Also be sure that your regular dentist accepts the type of insurance that you’re thinking of buying. As long as you take your time to understand each plan and what it can offer you, along with the costs, you will be sure to select a plan that can help you alleviate the often high costs of a dental visit. And family plans can help reduce costs even more and ensure that your entire family has bright, perfect smiles.

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