Medicare Part D

Reduce Your ‘Out of Pocket’ Expenses on Drugs, Get Covered For Drug Insurance with Medicare Part D!

The American Government gives prescription drug benefits to its citizens in the form of Medicare Part D. It was set up as a part of the Medicare prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003. And if you already have Medicare coverage of some sort, chances are that you will also be able to avail the facilities offered by Part D.

Also called a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, or PDP, it can help lower the amount of money you spend on prescription drugs and also save you from future price hikes. Part D offers standalone prescription drug plans as offered by private companies like here at the Jordan Insurance Agency. There are a number of part D plans; each provides coverage for prescriptions drug expenses for a specific drug list, aka a formulary.

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Are You Eligible to Enroll in A Part D Plan?

Let’s see if you can answer the following questions with a YES!

  • Do you have a Medicare Part A and Part B?
  • Are you paying your Part B premiums?
  • Do live in a plan service area? You can always change your enrollment with Medicare.

If you answered YES to the above questions then YES you are eligible to get your prescriptions drugs covered under Medicare Part D!

You may also select a Part D plan as soon as you get enrolled under your Medicare Part A and part B plan. However those who wish to enroll afterwards or switch to Part D from other insurance services must do so in the Annual Enrollment Period that lasts from Mid-October to December 7.

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Part D Plan!

No two patients are really the same. And if we aren’t taking the same medications there is no reason for our prescription drug plans to be the same. So it’s a good idea to do some digging before subscribing to a Part D plan. Ask these questions to find the best one for your circumstances:

Are Your Required Drugs On The Formulary?

The drug plan will not pay for drugs that aren’t already on its list. So thoroughly check the drug details on the formulary. Make sure that your required dosage and quantity is covered. You may be required to get approval from your doctor before your drugs are paid for by the plan.

Can You Afford the Costs Associated With Part D?

The Medicare prescription drug plans all come with their own sets of associated costs such as premiums, co-pays and deductibles. Make sure you know beforehand what and when you are expected to pay to get the most out of your plan.

Ask Your Pharmacy If They Work With Part D?

Make sure that the plan you intend to choose is acceptable by your pharmacy. You can also opt to have your meds delivered by mail if you prefer it that way.

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