Lowest Prices – Highest Yields for Your Loved Ones!

Support your family – not the insurance company – by providing them with the ultimate financial security for the lowest-possible premium. Our life insurance experts can quickly evaluate your needs and locate the perfect plan to match them. Leave your loved ones with some fond memories and allow us to help you add a thoughtful legacy as well…….

Why is it that when it comes to buying a life insurance policy to protect your family that financial planning experts, such as our personal friend, Dave Ramsey, unanimously recommend a TERM life insurance policy over a WHOLE life policy? The answer is simply good financial stewardship. It’s wiser to provide more coverage at a lower cost with more “pure” insurance, than to provide more profit and commissions to an insurance carrier who stands to gain the most from a higher-cost whole life plan.

And why is it that these same financial planners recommend using an independent insurance agency for your health and life needs over a single, company agent? It goes back to good stewardship again because we represent you instead of an individual insurance carrier. You relax – we shop – you win. And who’s the best independent insurance agency to work with in the Charlotte area according to Dave Ramsey? The Jordan Insurance Agency.

No matter the situation you’re in, or the reason you’re here, give us a shot. If you have no insurance, a policy that’s about to expire, need to add more coverage to update your financial status or are simply shopping around, fill in our Quote Request form for a fast, no-obligation quote now: you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

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The Jordan Insurance Agency is a local & independent, multiple-line insurance agent in Charlotte that is focused on providing the best value for our client’s insurance needs. As expert insurance advisors, we are dedicated to thoroughly evaluating your risks and insurance needs, providing the best coverage plans that help protect your financial future.
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