Life Insurance Agent Charlotte, NC

Finding the right life insurance agent in Charlotte, NC is important. When you are shopping for a policy, it is advised to used an independent agent. Captive life insurance agents like State Farm and Allstate don’t always offer the best choices. And usually cost more for the same insurance you  can buy elsewhere. The Jordan Insurance Agency works with over thirty different companies for life insurance in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in term life insurance because you can buy larger face amounts for less money. All of our carriers are A+ rated to insure there financial strength.

Have you every wander why your State Farm or Allstate agent never shows you other companies when comparing their life insurance? It is because they would never be able to sell there product. Why overpay when you can buy more coverage for less money. Call us today at 704-926-7565 and see how we can save you money on your next life insurance plan.

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The Jordan Insurance Agency is a local & independent, multiple-line insurance agent in Charlotte that is focused on providing the best value for our client’s insurance needs. As expert insurance advisors, we are dedicated to thoroughly evaluating your risks and insurance needs, providing the best coverage plans that help protect your financial future.
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