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It can be a challenge deciding how to use Medicare to your best advantage. Senior citizens are eligible to enroll in Medicare health care benefits at the age of sixty-two. Each person is covered by part A and Part B. Prescription drug coverage is not provided by Medicare, the government health care plan. As your Charlotte Insurance Broker can explain, one of the Medicare Advantage Plans will cover part of what Medicare does not pay and prescription drugs.

When you choose to enroll in an Advantage plan, it subsidizes the eighty-percent that is covered by Medicare. The enrollment period is for a year at a time. The cost may be paid on a monthly basis. In some plans in some states, there is no cost to join one of these plans.

Just as the senior citizen may have the cost for Medicare insurance taken out of the Social Security check each month, the cost of the Advantage Plan can be paid through Social Security. Generally, there will be co-payments for things like doctor visits and prescription drugs. When the senior needs a doctor other than the primary physician, often a referral is required before seeing that second physician.

Any time a doctor is seen that is not eligible to participate in the plan, there is no coverage provided to pay for the care. An advantage plan has a yearly limit on the amount the member must pay. Rules, lists of physicians and other coverage for tests and care are subject to change.

Once you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, often referred to as Part C, coverage for Part A, hospital insurance, and Part B, which is coverage for doctor visits, blood work and other services as an outpatient, these other services will be covered by the Medicare Advantage Plan instead of standard Medicare.

An insurance broker can discuss which plans are available in the Charlotte area. You can learn and compare the cost, benefits and maximum payments you will be responsible for. You will save money on prescription drugs plus have other benefits.

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