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The Jordan Insurance Agency in Nashville TN is one of the largest and best insurance agencies in Nashville TN with a versatile portfolio of services that includes both comprehensive business protection programs and a wide range of insurance products for individuals.

We are a universal insurance agency established in 2006 by Billy Jordan. The company is licensed for many types of insurance services and reinsurance activities.

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Who Are We?

The Jordan Insurance Agency was established in 2006. The main principles of the team are honesty, openness, and being useful to their client. Below you can see a list of our partners. We have a reputation as a reliable and stable company. For 15 years of work in the market, The Jordan Insurance Agency in Nashville TN has established long-term business relationships with the largest reinsurance companies.

Provided Services

Our Insurance agency provides a wide range of service coverage for the insurance of individuals and legal entities. The priority areas of activity are car insurance, voluntary medical insurance, property insurance for individuals and legal entities, mortgage insurance, accident insurance, and other types.

  • A wide range of insurance programs in the field of auto insurance needs.
  • Consulting qualified specialists on all issues related to the terms of your car insurance needs.
  • Assistance in the selection of optimal insurance programs and the negotiation of non-standard insurance conditions.
  • Advising during the term of the insurance contract on the procedure for performing the actions necessary for the proper registration of the insured event and the payment of insurance compensation to you.
  • Control of the process of obtaining insurance compensation based on close interaction with your insurance agency and inform you about its progress.
  • Thus, cooperation with our agency allows you to save money, time, and nerves!

Insurance Services

We provide a wide range of programs for individuals that will help you avoid losses in extreme situations – in case of accidents, car accidents. With us, you can buy an insurance policy online around the clock and pay for car and real estate insurance, including mortgage, property, and life and health insurance right on the website. For a preliminary calculation of the insurance premium, use our insurance calculator.

Home Insurance:

Our home insurance policy will reliably protect your home and avoid anxiety and unnecessary expenses in the event of theft, fire, gulf, damage to neighbors’ property, or an accident. You can choose to ensure only the most probable risks or add all possible options to the policy for more peace of mind.

Covered Services:

  • Water damage as a result of accidents in the heating system, fire extinguishing systems, water supply or sewerage systems, etc.
  • An explosion of gas pipelines and gas storages, steam boilers, materials;
  • Fire, lightning strike;
  • Unlawful intentional acts of third parties or an attempt to commit such an action, including arson;
  • Natural phenomena: storm, landslide, landslide, flood, rainstorm, hail, subsidence of the ground, falling trees or stones;
  • Civil liability (compensation for damage to neighbors if their property is damaged through your fault)Structural elements (walls, floor, ceiling, or balcony);
  • Interior finishing and engineering networks (communications; rough and final finishing);
  • Movable property (everything that can be brought in and taken out of the apartment: furniture, appliances, clothing, decor);

Auto Insurance:

Car insurance for the risks associated with the loss, theft, and damage of the purchased vehicle during the entire loan term. Traffic accidents and accidents happen every day. Often, the restoration of a car damaged as a result of an accident costs a large amount, and this applies to both the guilty and the injured party. There are several types of auto insurance to compensate for the damage caused.

Health Insurance:

Health Insurance of The Jordan Insurance Agency in Nashville TN is reliable financial protection against unforeseen medical expenses. The policy allows you to receive high-quality medical services in modern clinics with a high level of observance and without queues.

Under health insurance, you can receive planned and emergency services, take tests, undergo examination and treatment in a hospital if necessary. During registration, you yourself will be able to choose the services you need and include them in the policy: outpatient and polyclinic services, house calls, ambulance services, dental services, emergency hospitalization, telemedicine.

Life Insurance:

Life insurance is an integral part of insurance history. It is these insurances that were among the first to become widespread in the world market. Life and health insurance covers all areas of our activity and can be used for different life situations in which each of us may find ourselves.

This type of insurance has many classifications and covers the receipt of medical care, investment savings, insurance against accidents or serious illnesses.

Business Insurance:

More and more small and medium-sized enterprises use loans taken on the security of property for business development. In this case, it becomes necessary to provide insurance protection for the property interests of both the company itself and the Bank, in case of loss, destruction, or property damage pledged.

Why Choose Us?

Our company has been operating in the insurance market since 2006. During this time, we have accumulated rich experience that allows us to help each of our clients. Our employees and in the quality of the services we provide. We will do our best to make you satisfied with the cooperation with us. See here why you should choose us.


Your personal manager will select the best auto insurance program for you in one of the leading insurance agencies, taking into account your individual data, requirements, and wishes (length of service, age, car model, procedure for making contributions).

Our services are FREE for you. The cost of the policy is the same as in the insurance agency, the insurance program of which you choose. The fees paid to us by the insurance company do not affect the cost of the policy in any way.


Maximum safety and guarantee of payments – most of the insurance agencies with which we cooperate have a reliability rating of at least A+. Support in case of an insured event – we will help you to draw up the documents correctly so that you do not have any disagreements with the insurance agency. If they do arise, we will undertake the protection of your interests, we will take care of the timely and proper fulfillment by the insurance agency of its contractual obligations.


You do not need to go anywhere and waste your time to issue a policy – we will deliver the policy at a convenient place and time. We will also come to you if you need to make changes to the policy.

For several insurance companies, we carry out the remote settlement of losses – this saves you the need to waste time in queues at the life insurance company when an insured event occurs.


As a professional participant in the insurance market, we have the most up-to-date information about the situation of insurance companies and the dynamics of their payments. We tell this to our clients so that they can choose a reliable company.

All companies have their own characteristics of insurance programs and auto insurance rules. It takes a very long time to study the rules of the insurance company completely. Our specialists know them and convey to our clients those points that really need attention when choosing.

Convenient For You:

The insurance policy of the insurance of your choice will be delivered by the specialists of the Professional Insurance Agency at a convenient time and place within the Nashville region.

If it is convenient for you to indicate all the parameters necessary for the calculation on the website, not by phone, fill out a detailed application.


The Jordan Insurance Agency in Nashville TN is a federal insurance business company. We provide private and corporate clients with a full range of insurance services, have 15 years of experience, and have a reliability rating very high. The company guarantees the fulfillment of obligations and the financial security of policyholders, provides each client with the most complete insurance coverage, taking into account individual needs.

Customer care is the basis of our company. We are available for communication around the clock, we provide an opportunity to issue a policy directly on our website and pay for insurance online.


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Why insure your property?

Insurance is the best way to protect your property from potential risks that you cannot influence in any way. Life situations are really different. There are many examples.

Insurance of property, of course, does not act as a guarantee that nothing will ever happen to it, but, in the event of an emergency, it allows you to cover the costs of restoration.

What risks does the insurance cover?

As statistics show, most often apartment owners suffer losses in case of fires, pipe breaks and flooding, theft, and illegal actions of third parties. You can independently collect all the services that will be included in the policy. You can choose the entire package of options, or you can choose a specific service, for example, fires or causing harm to human health.

This will allow you to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses if the emergency occurred at your fault. Accidental flooding of neighbors or damage to common property will be covered by the insurance company.

What documents do I need to provide to receive an insurance claim?

The original insurance policy, insurance contract, and other insurance documents are an attachment to the insurance contract. The original document confirming the payment of the insurance premium (receipt). A written statement about the insured event. Bank details of the copyright holder for the transfer of insurance compensation.

How will medical care be organized?

Depending on the severity of the insured event, the service company will either advise you to contact a specific hospital or send an ambulance for the Insured. The most important thing is to follow the recommendations of the employees of the service company: they have extensive experience and act exclusively in the interests of the client.

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