How to Select the Best Health Plan for Your Family?

Are you interested in finding out the best health plan for your family? The Jordan Insurance Agency has the right solutions to help you choose the perfect plan according to your needs.

There are many different kinds of plans available. Read on to find out which plan suits you the best. The various benefits provided by these plans include ambulance and emergency services, surgical costs, maternity expenditures, pediatric services as well as the providence of prescription drugs amongst other benefits.

With the open enrollment for Obamacare (ACA) AND Medicare Insurance commencing from November 15th to February 15th, you have come to the right spot to find out the best health care plan for your family.

Types of Plans

Five major categories of health care plans are available namely Silver, Bronze, Platinum, Gold and Catastrophic. These lay out the amount you or your chosen plan will pay as your medical bill. However, the quality or the amount of services to be dispensed is not dependent on these plans.

The following is the precise estimate in terms of monetary payment made by you and the plan:

  • The Bronze Plan: You have to pay forty percent of the charges while the company pays the rest.
  • The Silver Plan: In this plan, you have to pay thirty percent of the charges while the plan will pay for the rest.
  • The Gold Plan: In this plan, you have to pay twenty percent of the costs.
  • The Platinum Plan: In this plan, you only have to pay ten percent of the charges while ninety percent is paid by the company.
  • The Catastrophic Plan: This plan is available for those people who are under thirty years of age and the plan pays for a sixty percent or less of the total costs. People who have a hard exemption also qualify for this plan.

If visits to the doctor are a regular feature of your routine, then either the platinum plan or the gold plan is the most suitable options according to your needs. Although these are high premium plans; but they offer a full coverage of an extensive part of your health care bills.

On the other hand, if visits to the doctor are not that frequent for you, then you may consider opting for the Bronze or the Silver Plan which feature lesser premium as compared to the above mentioned plans.

Additional costs

There are some out of pocket costs levied on the total charges. This is why it is important to know the exact amount of money that you will be paying in addition to the existing costs. Each plan has a different set of out of pocket charges.

It is important to note here that the Platinum and the Gold plans have low out of pocket costs as compared to the other plans.

The maximum amount of these out of pocket costs does not exceed $6600 for a single applicant and $13,200 for the entire family. Overall, in choosing a Silver Plan, you will be able to cut down on a maximum number of charges.

The above considerations will help you greatly in choosing the right health care plan for your family.

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