Even Retirees May Need Individual Health Insurance in NC

Just because you are single when you reach retirement age does not mean that there is not going to come a time when you need medical care. While Medicare will cover a percentage of the costs, if you do not have the right supplemental individual health insurance In NC to cover what Medicare does not, your life savings could easily disappear the first time you become ill.
Most of the baby boomer generation have long labored under the mistaken idea that all of the money they have paid into Medicare was paying for their future medical care and that they would be fully covered at retirement age. Not only was this not the case in the beginning, as the government’s financial situation has deteriorated, so too has the money available for Medicare. If you want to be able to enjoy the best medical care possible, you are going to need a supplement individual health insurance policy in NC to cover the gaps in what Medicare does not pay.

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