Short Term Medical

Short term medical insurance refers to the temporary medical insurance one may need under different life circumstances and it is not included in the conventional category of health insurance plans.

Here is a list of situations where one can seek short term medical insurance:

Switching Jobs or Career Field

Sometimes, you need to quit or leave your place of employment and eventually have to leave your health plan associated with your job. Between switching your job or when you’re changing your career field and getting a new one, you can opt for short term medical insurance.

Such a short term period health insurance can definitely fill the gap period you have between switching your job and getting a new one. Typically, this type of short term medical insurance lasts up to 18 months. The reason of leaving the job or not getting a new one can change this set time period.

Early Retirement

In case, you are retiring early, you might not be able to get the same health insurance plan associated with your company employment. Usually, people apply for Medicare after 65 as it’s the official retirement age.  However, you can seek short-term medical health insurance plan if you’re considering an early retirement from your professional career.

Want to Go on a Sabbatical

If you want to quit for sometime or just going on a long vacation to spend some time with your family, you can also quality for short term medical health insurance especially if your organization is willing to facilitate you with a normal health insurance plan associated with your employment designation.

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