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Purchasing Health Plans Outside Of Open Enrollment

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With numerous healthcare reforms introduced during the past years, almost all major medical plans,
including ACA, have a regular open enrollment period. Generally, you cannot purchase the plan outside
that period. However, there are special cases when you may be able to purchase the plan outside of that
period. This flexibility is only available for those whose life is disturbed by a certain special event.
In case of such events, you get a 60 days special enrollment period to apply for the medical plan.

What are Qualifying Life Events?

The events that qualify you for special enrollment in major medical plans are ones that bring about or
are expected to bring a major change in your life. These events usually have a negative implication on
your finances. Here is a list of some of the most common life events that will qualify you for the special
enrolment period.

  • When your health insurance plan changes to incorporate new benefits under latest reforms
  • You lose health insurance because your current plan does not comply to healthcare reforms
  • Your employer does not offer health insurance any more
  • You get divorced or legally separated from your spouse
  • Demise of spouse or parent in many cases
  • You lose your job or your full‐time job status changed
  • In case of birth or adoption of a child
  • You are moving to a new state
  • You are released from incarceration
  • You just gained citizenship or immigration status

These are only a few qualifying events that may or may not make you an eligible candidate for special
enrollment period. You will require proper evidence to prove the occurrence of the event. Frauds such
as deliberate termination of your healthcare plan are dealt with strong action and penalties.

What If Your Life Changing Event is Not Mentioned?

In case you are facing a unique scenario that is not officially defined as a life‐changing event, The Jordan
Insurance Agency can help you prove your eligibility and successfully gain the privilege to purchase the
plan outside the enrollment period.
For more information and expert consultancy in this regard, contact The Jordan Insurance Agency and
work with our experts who can help you assess your situation and make a solid case for you.

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